About David Harris

david harris torontoDavid Harris is a former lawyer and human rights activist based in Toronto, Canada. He has devoted much of his career to standing for workers rights, and has been active in the legal community in Toronto. David graduated from the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. Following his stint as an undergraduate student at University of Toronto, David went on to earn his Bachelor of Laws. From there, David began his career in fighting for workers rights in the legal arena.

To name a few, David has represented such prominent Canadian Corporations as: Bank of Montreal, ManuLife, Petro-Canada, Pitney-Bowes, Royal Trust Corporation, Corinthian Colleges, and Ontario Hydro. In addition to his work defending clients on the corporate level, David has stood as arbitrator and mediator on the behalf of employees in diverse fields. David is firm in his convictions that workers deserve access to their inherent rights as Canadian employees without fear of reprisal.

Soon after his call to the Bar, David established his own boutique law firm, where he used his knowledge of the law to fight for the rights of individuals and corporations alike. For the next 15 years, he represented clients on a number of issues including incidents involving: representation of employees and corporations at trial and on appeal for a broad spectrum of employment law issues, wrongful termination, human rights , and drafting of employment contracts and personnel policies

After 15 years of operating a successful practice, David honed his ambitions in on working exclusively with individuals, appearing in a basket of significant trials. To date, he maintains his role of supporting individuals who are wronged or slighted in the employment sector.

Outside of his past legal work, David is an author. Since the age of 28, David has been monthly updating his publication, Wrongful Dismissal, one of Canada’s most esteemed legal text books. In addition, David has such titles as: Law on Workplace Sexual Harassment in Ontario, (December 2014); Disability Issues in an Employment Context, (December 2013); The Written Contract of Employment (January 2015); and Employment Law Human Rights Issues, (December 2014).

David continues to be active in his field, serving as a commentator on employment law matters.